Hello everyone. You may have heard whisperings recently of a student demonstration slated for March 1st. Although some of you receiving this email may be aware of the student movement, many of you may not have time to be actively involved, as so many of you are working hard not only at your studies, but often at part-time and full-time jobs as well. Some of you have family commitments, and many of you are involved in the life of the community through athletics, fine arts, theatre and social action.

If the student movement has piqued your interest at all, or if you’re simply confused or curious about the goals of such a movement, the time to find out what’s going on is now. The tuition freeze that began in 2007 is set to expire this year, and the provincial government is getting read to drop the budget on March 22nd. As it stands, the government has been vague about the kind of cuts that students can expect, only promising a 4-year tuition schedule that would allow students to plan for increasing tuition.

If students hope to have any impact upon the government’s commitment to post-secondary education over the next four years, the time to act is now. The St. Thomas University Senate has recommended that professors grant Academic Amnesty to students who wish to attend the march, so make sure that you mention it to your professors if you and your classmates want to attend. Bring this up in class; see what your colleagues have to say about it. You might even bring your whole class to the march.

If you have questions about the economic feasibility of demanding more funding for post-secondary education, please take a look at the FAQs, and feel free to ask questions. We encourage you to get informed and get involved, because the decisions made by the government this year will affect us for the next four. If we don’t stand up for post-secondary, who will? March 1st, we march in defense of a public education.



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inspiration from Nova Scotia

Here’s Gabe Hoogers from the KSU speaking to the crowd at the Nova Scotia Student Day of Action on February 2nd!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our website. This is where you will find all of the updates regarding the Day of Action on March 1st. It is coming up fast, so try to spread the word and get people talking.

You can also use the form under Get Involved to contact us if you’d like to help out with organising.

More to come!

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